Facebook is a social networking website that has changed the way people communicate in todays world. Before Facebook, sites like myspace were used, however in 2008 Facebook took over. Not only the millennial generation is using it, even my grandparents are on Facebook. The vast majority of people using Facebook check it everyday, if not multiple times a day. It is a great way to stay connected with friends and family to constantly stay updated on each others lives. For instance, as I spend this semester abroad, my family wants to be able to see what I am doing. Facebook makes it easy for them to stay in the loop with my whereabouts and activities I partake in while in Europe. This social network helps give them reassurance that I am safe and doing well here in Europe. I post pictures daily of all the beautiful things I see around Barcelona and my family tells me they appreciate me doing so. Also, when I travel to a new place on the weekends I always “check in” when I have arrived at the airport of my destination. This allows my family to know that I have arrived safely. I know this is the case for most students while away in college. A parent having access to see what their child is up to makes the separation a little bit easier. Not only is it useful for the parents, but it is also beneficial to us as children when feeling homesick from our families. Facebook also helps us know that we are still connected with our families one way or another even when we are halfway around the world.


Not only is Facebook useful for staying connected with friends and family, it is also helps people stay updated on the news events happening in the world. For myself personally, my main source of obtaining information about current events is through Facebook. People are constantly “sharing” news articles about politics, or event terrorist attacks when there happens to be one. Seeing these posts on Facebook helps me stay up to date with everything that is happening in the world without ever turning on the television to watch the actual news. This is extremely beneficial while traveling because I do not have time for television, so Facebook makes it easy for me to remain in the loop about current events. I am thankful to have a website like Facebook while I am in Europe because it offers multiple ways for me to stay connected with the United States.

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