Instagram is a social media network that quickly gained popularity when it was created in October of 2010. When Instagram was first created, its sole purpose was for editing and sharing photos. However, now Instagram is useful for multiple different purposes such as business, networking, advertising, and modeling. For instance, many people are now obtaining jobs just by posting photos on their Instagram. Numerous different companies will see a girl with a large number of followers Instagram, then offer her free products such a clothes if she agrees to post a photo in them and tag the company. This happens more often than most people realize especially for young, trendy women. A company that is known to do this is Beyoumini Swimwear.


Beyoumini Swimwear uses their Instagram account to search for girls to model their bikinis. Specifically, they call it a “collab” meaning they offer you free products if you post photos in the product and tag them in return. Typically the girls they search for are between the ages of 18-25 and have a high number of Instagram followers. Once they find someone, they will direct message the girl explaining what they have to offer. It is accounts like this one that provide jobs and modeling opportunities for young women. Not only does it benefit the women receiving the free products, it also helps the company because they advertise the swimwear.

Instagram is also beneficial for companies because they offer the opportunity for you to buy advertisements. Therefore, a company can buy and advertisement on Instagram that will show up on everyones feed even if they do not follow the company. The travel company Bus2alps is a great example of a business that does this. When scrolling through my own Instagram feed, I see a photo from the Bus2alps Instagram explaining their special offers almost everyday. This is a great marketing strategy because people may not know about their company until they see it pop up on their Instagram feed. It really helps the companies gain publicity and followers by purchasing advertisements.


Overall, Instagram is a very powerful social media website. It provides so many unique opportunities that other social media networks don’t. It shows just how quickly digital technology is advancing that even business are starting to rely on social media. Instagram is a great way to make connections for business purposes or just to share photos of the interesting things in your life.


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