Mobile Journalism

Mobile journalism can be defined as reporters use of portable devices to spread, edit, and share news to the world. Reporters use devices such as cell phones, iPads, laptops, iPhones, etc. Mobile journalism is becoming increasingly more popular as technology continues to advance. The use of mobile journalism is far more convenient for reporters because they have the the devices they need at their finger tips to post information. Traditional journalism is decreasing in popularity because it is much more time consuming and inconvenient compared to using a smart phone or other hand held devices.479bdc21b95c293f36518f493b0f6c55Mobile journalists are often referred to as Mojo’s, and have used the advancement of technology to their advantage. Mojo’s can simply just pull their iPhone out to record something rather than having to carry around a massive video camera or tape recorder. This is a huge benefit when mobile journalist come across something that want to report on unexpectedly. For instance, imagine if a reporter is out on a regular day and a huge rally or strike begins to take place. Mobile journalist do not have to be concerned about not capturing the footage of this unexpected rally because they are always prepared as long as they have their iPhone on them. Just about anyone nowadays is able to capture and share important news or events with just the push of a few buttons. Another huge advancement in technology that is increasing the use of mobile journalism is the option for people to “go live” on social media networks. This means anyone can start a live video to film exactly what is going on around them and anyone can be watching this online at the exact moment it is happening. This is very helpful for journalists because they no longer have to go back to their office after recording material to be able to publish it.


Mojo, Stephen Quinn, states that “to be a mojo it requires a multimedia mindset or way or thinking which combines video, audio, text, graphics and stills”. Not just anyone can be a true Mojo without obtaining these specific skills. However, just about anyone is capable of sharing basic information with the same tools that Mojo’s use.


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