Marketing and PR

A companies use of marking skills can greatly affect the success or failure of their products. Companies no longer have to rely on the use advanced advertising to make their product popular. The most important thing in todays day in age is that a company knows how to successfully use social media networks in order to get their products publicity. Two of the most effective social media networks to use for marketing are Facebook and Twitter. Big companies such as Apple, Dell, and Amazon use twitter for PR by replying to their customers concerns, as well as offering special deals to their followers.


Adidas recently released an article stating that they are going to leave behind the television advertisements and focus solely on digital media engagement. By the year 2020, Adidas expects to quadruple their e-commerce sales revenue as a result of the increase in their digital advertisements. They started to realize that the up and coming generations main source of information is obtained through mobile devices. Adidas explained that they are aware they will need to go above and beyond with their digital media marketing due to the fact that most companies are doing it as well. They plan to invest a great deal in advanced manufacturing methods and 3-D printing.


Nike is another company that uses all forms of media in order to advertise their products. Nike specifically is known for sponsoring athletes and sports teams, to have them wear their products for advertising purposes. The company uses the growing popularity of social media to help with advertising their products.  Often times, the athletes in which Nike sponsor, will post photos on their Instagram of the products and tag Nike in it. This creates positive publicity for the company because when fans of the athlete see someone they admire wearing the product, they are more likely to go out and buy it. There are many different athletes that are sponsored by Nike.  Olympic track and field sprinter, Allyson Felix is one of the many athletes Nike sponsors.

As you can see in the photos above, Allyson Felix is wearing all Nike products in both pictures. This is one of her requirements thats comes along with being sponsored by Nike. Having an olympic athlete wear the products helps generate positive PR for the company. Along with that, Allyson Felix posts photos to her personal Instagram of the Nike products that she receives, tagging them in each picture.

The revolution never ends. Nike Air #VaporMax 😍😍

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