I just got back to Barcelona on Sunday from my ten day long spring break. I have to start off my saying I am absolutely exhausted. I visited three different places, in two different counties over the break which consisted of Positano in the Amalfi Coast, and both Athens and Mykonos in Greece. Now I know you’re probably thinking it’s been three days, so I should be well rested by this point, but I can assure you I wont be back on a normal schedule for quite some time. Our travel days getting from place to place over the break were terribly long. Leaving Positano to get to Greece might have been the longest day of my whole entire life. We left our airbnb in Positano at 5am make it to a shuttle in Sorrento by 6:30am. Once we got on the shuttle in Sorrento it took an hour and a half to get to the Naples airport. From here we took a two and a half hour flight to Athens. Unfortunately Athens wasn’t our final destination on this day, Mykonos was. From Athens, we had to take the ferry to Mykonos which took about four and a half hours. We FINALLY arrived in Mykonos around 11pm that evening. I think its safe to say I’ll pay the extra money to fly directly into Mykonos next time to avoid the ferry. On a brighter note, the ferry was a beautiful ride and we got to see an amazing sunset from the roof.


Okay now that I am done ranting about the only negative part of the trip, let’s get to the good stuff. The ten days of spring break were probably my favorite days of my entire experience abroad. First, let me tell you about Positano. I was beyond amazed at how beautiful this place was. I always knew it was pretty from what I had seen in photos, but after seeing it in person, I can confirm that photos do not do it justice. Our airbnb was located right on the top of the hill above Positano looking over the whole town. The view was INCREDIBLE, like nothing I had ever seen before (pictures posted below). We had a giant terrace which was very convenient for watching the sunset and even just laying out to tan. The people were also very friendly which was a huge plus. We went to this one restaurant where the owners even gave us a ride home so that we didn’t have to wait for the bus.

Now let me tell you about Greece. This has been a place that has always been on my bucket list to visit. I had very high expectations and couldn’t wait to step foot in this country. We were only in Athens for a day, so I didn’t get to see very much of it. You could definitely tell the countries economy was not doing too well just by the looks of it. Mykonos however was gorgeous. Unfortunately, we were there during the low season so not very much of the island was open yet. Most of the restaurants and stores were still closed and weren’t opening until early may. The fact that it was low season didn’t affect our time there by any means. In fact, I think it may have even made our experience better that it wasn’t too crowded. We met some locals on the Island that informed us during the months of October-April the population in Mykonos is only 5,000 people. The population jumps to 500,000 during the months May-September.

One of my favorite memories from this break was riding ATV’s around Mykonos island. It was so fun and helped us get to see every little part of the island. I’m n ot going to lie, it was a little scary at times considering the people in Mykonos are crazy drivers. We’d turn the corner and a car would be coming directly at us.

I am happy that I chose these places as my spring break destinations. I fell in love with everywhere I went. Positano and Mykonos were without a doubt the best places I have visited so far during my time abroad. If I had to chose just one, I’d say that Positano wins for my #1 favorite place.


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