A podcast can be defined as a digital audio media file that is available on the internet and can be downloaded to a mobile device or a computer. Typically, a podcast is available as a series which can be automatically downloaded through the process of web syndication. RSS stands for really simple syndication which is the most important tool of podcasting. Podcasting really took off when Ben Hammersley observed audible revolution.



There are many benefits to podcasting. For starters, you can listen to a podcast when you want, where you want, and how you want because they are portable. Having this be portable makes it convenient  and easy to make the time to listen to a podcast. Imagine this, you feel you don’t have time in your busy schedule because you’re always working and on the go. You could still listen to a podcast on your way to work in the car because it can be downloaded onto your mobile phone through syndication. As I said before, syndication is also a major benefit to podcasting. You could even listen to a podcast at the gym off your mobile phone. Another benefit to podcasting is that it goes from the “receiver” to the “transmitter” meaning anyone can be a podcaster. It is a great new tool to use to communicate with a wide range of people.


There are multiple tools that go into podcasting that help make it successful. The RSS tool is used for distributing. The AGGREGATOR tool helps us understand the process of RSS and shows us the content. The XML tool stands for extensible mark up language. The FEED tool is the document or file in which we want to add to our aggregator. The typical format a podcast is done in is MP3. Finally, syndication is the last tool which is the whole process.


Podcasting was never something I had really considered doing until recently. To be honest, I didn’t even really know much about it before last week. I learned that podcasting is so beneficial for people trying to get a message across to a wide variety of people, due to its easy accessibility. For my first podcast, I chose to talk about things American student should know before coming abroad. This topic is a personally important one for me because I really would have benefitted hearing useful tips from students who have already been abroad. Before coming abroad, I thought I knew everything I could possibly need to know about Europe. Boy, was I wrong about that. I will touch upon everything you need to know from pre-departure to travel tips upon arrival. I hope my podcast helps American students feel more at ease and prepared before take off!


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